What Our Clients Have Said

"Mariette and Gerhard Jacobs of JJTACC have been our accountants for close to twenty years. In fact, prior to that period, from the very establishment of our business, Mariette was the clerk assigned to assist us with the previous accountants we employed. So we have had a continuous relationship from the very establishment of our business 25 years ago. We watched Mariette grow and study part time to become a CA of SA and have relived the experience with Gerhard too. We couldn’t ask for better, more professional service, with Mariette and Gerhard. They have been with us through all the ups and downs, guiding us and helping us grow and they have always been ready to help with immediate assistance when we needed it. We truly are grateful to work with such special people. We look forward to the next 25 years together."
- Bennetts
"Income Tax used to be my biggest headache, thanks to JJT, I know everything is sorted"
- BM
"I used to run my business like a spaza shop, thanks to JJT, I now know how to run my business correctly." 
- Midek Paints
"For the first time in 18 years, i understand what my Financial Statements say. Thank you Gerhard!"
"I had my first audit by JJT accounting for my first year of opening my estate agency. They were super efficient and I could not believe how quickly they submitted their rapport to the EAAB. I don't have to stress about next years FFC's..because JJT Accounts ticked that box for me way in advance!!" 
- Tracy Harris Properties
"Mariette Jacobs has acted as financial adviser and accountant in our company when it was first formed in 1992, 26 years ago. The fact that we still use her service until this today are testimony to her and her qualities. Mariette is diligent, honest and wise in the financial field and her experience too is of great value. We have no hesitation in recommending her services." 
- Bennett Brothers

We believe in exceeding expectations. Let us show you how.

"JJT knows what they are doing and always keeps us up to date"
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank JJT especially Graham for his hard work and dedication towards Jada Paint and Construction.
He understood the predicament we were in due to unforeseen circumstances and ensured us he will do everything to fix this matter.  He really proved himself to us by his constant hard work and gained our trust that all that was wrong would be fixed and was fixed before the end of the financial year end. We look forward to having Graham working with us in the future as we have good faith in him to withhold only the best results and processes when it comes to the financials of Jada Paint." 

- Jada Paint
"Marais 4 Architects have been using the services of the above company from August 2013. The responsible person with JJT that we mainly deal with is Gerhard Jacobs and Mrs. M Jacobs.
When JJT Accountants took over from our previous accountants the company books were inaccurate and there were many unresolved SARS issues. JJT alerted us to many omissions by the previous accountants. We were not even aware of many issues that were unresolved with registrations of companies, missing directors’ information, etc. During the time from when they took over, we have been able to get all our financials up to date. All other entities have been correctly registered, and fees paid up to date. We have been able to setup budgets for the different entities and do future planning. Nearly all the SARS issues have been resolved satisfactorily.
JJT Accountants are very helpful and assist with many small items that fall outside of our main agreement. We would recommend JJT Accountants on to other clients as they have acted with professionalism in their dealing with our company."

- Marais 4 Architects

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" We would recommend JJT Accountants on to other clients as they have acted with professionalism in their dealing with our company."
- Marais 4 Architects
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