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Compliance audits in terms of the Companies Act

Any company whose public interest score in that financial year is; More than 350; or. At least 100, if its annual financial statements for that year were internally compiled.

Voluntary audit

A voluntary audit is an audit, which is not compelled or mandated by law. It is an audit that is exercised by choice.

Investigation audit

Investigative Auditing involves the examination of accounts and the use of accounting procedures to discover financial irregularities and to follow the movement of funds and assets in organisations.

Other statutory audits

Business which is required to be audited in terms of other laws. E.g. Attorney's trust accounts, Estate agents, Body corporates.

Annual financial statements

Financial reports covering a 12-month period, compiled according to an acceptable accounting framework.

Budgets & projections

An estimate of costs, revenues, and resources and a forecast of future revenues and expenses.

Management accounts

A set of summarised accounting data.

Cash flow planning

Reports we compile to estimate income and expenses over a short period of time.


Custom made for each client based on the required outcome.



Cashbook processing

Daily weekly/ monthly  processing of income and expenses.

Trial balance

A summarised list of all accounts.

Allocation of income and expenses

Checking your in-house processing to make sure expenses and income have been allocated correctly.

Basic cashbook processing training

Training your in-house accounts person to teach them correct processing procedures.

Expenses advisory

Giving advice for future purchases, running costs and increases,aimed at increasing profitability.

We believe in exceeding expectations. Let us show you how.

Income tax returns

Provisional tax returns

Objections & compromises

Import & export registrations

Employee tax registrations





VAT Registrations


Amendments, Confirmation letters, Annual returns, Registrations

New company registrations

All documents and submissions needed to register a company.

Yearly annual returns submission

Submitted on the company birthday with relevant documentation proving turnover.

Director changes

Adding, amending or removing directors or director details.

Company amendments

Changes to address, contacts, services.

Confirmation letters

Affidavits, Turnover confirmation, any other related confirmations.


Determining the true value of your business.

Merger & acquisition

Doing proper investigations to make sure the correct decisions can be made.

Transaction advisory

Taking a look at the history and advising on how to move forward to achieve goals and objectives.

Cash flow planning

taking a look at the capital in the company and structuring it correctly in order to move forward.

Corporate finance

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